Women's Portraits


Kelsey's photography motto/mantra has always has been “let me tell your personal story.

As unique individuals, she loves capturing the elements of your personality that make you … you.

Portraits are a wonderful way to capture personal attributes that tell the story about who you are, what makes you tick and the unique elements of your individuality. Kelsey specialize in capturing ALL types of women by creating legacy images that captures a woman's inner and outer beauty. The resulting images and products will be precious legacy items that can be passed down for generations.


Lifestyle Branding

Let's Illustrate the Story Behind Your Business.

Lifestyle Branding Photoshoots take your brand and business to a whole new level. Instead of just a standard “head shot” or generic imagery to represent you and your business, Kelsey tells the story behind you and your business in a unique and individualized way.

Kelsey will work with you and your team to illustrate the back story, the heart and the elements that make your business and story unique. The resulting images will visually tell the world who you are and what your brand can offer.  

The images from Lifestyle Branding Photoshoots are a perfect way to express your mission, product offering and brand on your website, marketing campaigns and on any social media platform. In addition, Lifestyle Branding goes hand in hand with Kelsey's Connection Social Media strategy.  


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